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Condo up to 1000 sqft                                                  CAD250

Condo Over 1000 sqft                                                  CAD300

Condo Townhouse                                                       CAD300

Freehold Townhouse up to 2000 sqft                          CAD 350

Freehold Townhouse over  2000 sqft                          CAD 400

Detached/Semi Detached under 2000 sqft                 CAD 400

                                        from 2000-4000 sqft            CAD450

                                        above 4000 sqft                  CAD 500

Septic System                                                             CAD 270

Septic System Combined with a Home Inspection     CAD 200

Pool and spa                                                               CAD 250

Pool and spa Combined with a Home Inspection       CAD 180

 ** Square Footage is determined by the total area of living space

 ** 13% HST is not included in the above prices 

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CAD 65 Value

Payment : Cash, E-transfer,Cheque, Debit, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are accepted. Due at the Time of Inspection.